Balanced Diet

The importance of breakfast

kahvaltiChildren need breakfast

Adults need to have breakfast to experience a better day while the need of children to have breakfast is even more. Continuous body and brain development of children necessitates a regular intake of nutrients. When they skip breakfast, they proceed an hunger period which may be as longer as 18 hours and this half hunger situation can create lots of physical, mental and behavioral problems. If adults or children skip the breakfast in order to sleep a few more minutes, in fact it means they are missing a nutritious meal that will make them be in a fine fettle. You can be more fruitful in your job by charging your brain and body via breakfast. It is practical to prepare fast and nutritious breakfast by pouring of milk on whole grain breakfast cereal for your children.

Breakfast in adults

Scientific studies show that skipping meals, especially breakfast, is one of the main reasons that makes it hard to control body weight. Skipping breakfast results in over eating in the next meal and consuming high calorie foods in order to suppress hunger. To start the day with a well balanced diet, foods that are low in fat and rich in complex carbohydrates, proteins, fiber and vitamins must be preffered. With their low calorie values and rich nutrition contents, whole grains are the perfect breakfast alternatives.