Children need breakfast Adults need to have breakfast to experience a better day while the need of children to have breakfast is even more. Continuous body and brain development of children necessitates a regular intake of nutrients. When they skip breakfast, they proceed an hunger period which may be as […]

The importance of breakfast

Grains come into the form of flour by milling in grinders in classical grain processing. However, endosperms are separated from bran and wheat germ during this refining process and grains lose a great part of their ingredients where only starch containing part of the grain is being benefited. Whole grain […]

Why should we consume whole grain?

Grain is composed of three parts – bran, endosperm and seed – each of which affects its own integrity and quality. BRAN: It is the rich in fiber exterior shell that protects endosperm and seed from environmental factors. Fibers contain a lot of important nutrients including Vitamin B, minerals, protein […]

What is whole Grain?